Why Amy's?

Safety through Comfort! 

We believe that the more comfortable your dog is, the safer it is for us and them! By maintaining a gentle approach and comforting environment we keep your pets wellbeing in mind first. Yes we may use crates. That being said we utilize crates for safety purposes. Being in a crate can give a dog it's own space to desensitize them to the processes of Grooming. By witnessing what goes on for 10 to 15 mins it allows them to relax and realize that they are in a safe place and Noone is going to hurt them.

Also, we pace ourselves to your dog. If your dog is nervous, scared, anxious, then we will slowly work with them to familiarize them with the process, tools, sounds, and so on. Mind you even dogs that come religiously, have a bad day once in a while and is just not having it. This is just one of the many times we would stop and Comfort the dog and distract them from fear. 

With Amy's many years of living and working with animals we have been able to not only create a place of comfort and trust, but a place of love. We love your pets as much as you do and will always have their safety and health in our first priorities. We continue our grooming education annually to keep up with the latest trends, styles, techniques, to be able to give your pet it's best life.